S3 The Fall of Man: A Series

S3 The Fall of Man: A Series

Many people don’t believe the need for a Saviour because they don’t understand what they should be saved from — the Fall of Mankind and the World. If you are one of them, I hope your doubt won’t stop you from reading this series.

I also hope you will take my suggestion to pray for true wisdom as you read, as I know how Satan has blurred the horrifying reality of Man’s Fall in our minds. Because of this we don’t appreciate the appalling consequences resulting from it and how it connects to everything in our present lives.

The Fall of Man Outline

Part I
Elements of the Fall: The Three Wills

S4 The Will of God and The Tree of Life
S5 The Will of Satan and The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil
S6 The Will of Man and His Power to Choose

Part II
What Really Happened

S7 The Situation Before The Fall
S8 What Really Happened During the Fall
S9 The Consequences of the Fall

S10  Q&A about The Fall of Man


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