S12 Sons and Daughters

S12 Sons and Daughters

The main message of the gospel of God is not the forgiveness of sins or that we are saved from an eternal life in hell. Although those are vital and true facts — that we are saved from those awful things — the main message is not what we are saved from.

The central point, the MORE important point, is what we are saved FOR.  The question we should be asking is WHY were we saved, FOR WHAT were we saved? INTO WHAT were we saved?

We were saved so God could recover His Family back to Himself, so that we can be RE-BORN INTO God’s Family, a God-Family, a Life of God — so we can regain our right to be called the sons and daughters of God — part of God’s race. That is the whole meaning of Christ’s death on the Cross — that sinful people, even while still sinners, can be made sons of God.


Although we still sin (and we will never stop sinning), the problem of sin is NO LONGER AN ISSUE between God and us. Because of this, we are NO LONGER destined for the eternal lake of fire.

With a one, single belief in Jesus Christ, even though we were and are still sinners, still fleshly, and sometimes act as though still enslaved by this world, we have been RE-BORN in the spirit into the FAMILY OF GOD. Outwardly and seemingly our flesh is weak, and our soul will not let go of our old sinful ways. And indeed, that is true, BUT our spirit is now One with God’s spirit, and God’s Life has been planted in us, as surely as the genes of our parents were planted in our cells, our flesh and our bones.

The central purpose of the Cross is for God to RECOVER what He lost — His Family; and for us to RECOVER what we lost — our God-life, and our birth right, our position as sons and daughters of God.