S11 Salvation 101

S11 Salvation 101

After the Fall of Man, we had a problem. Actually, several big ones, the most serious of all being the whole race of Man was to end up in an eternal lake of fire instead of eternally dwelling with God as God’s people.

For centuries, this problem has plagued and haunted us. From generation to generation, from one culture to another, in all the corners and far reaches of this globe, members of the human race have sought, consciously or unconsciously, a way to recover what we have lost. We have a desperate need to reconnect, and reconcile ourselves with God.

But for now, let’s not think of ourselves for a moment… let’s think of God.

For most of our lives, we have only considered Man’s point of view in this whole unhappy state of affairs. True, Man’s fate IS a serious matter, but trust me on this, God’s point of view is just as important because only He can sort this thing out.

The fact is, when Man made his decision to eat of the wrong tree,  it was God’s much beloved Creation that Adam and Eve handed (including themselves) over to God’s enemy as slaves. In a single stroke, God lost His beloved family, the man He wanted to make into His son, the woman who was to become His daughter, the future multitudes of people He wanted as God-People, the world He created for them, beautiful nature, the magnificent animal kingdom, seasons, — everything.

Everything of God’s Plan seemed to have crumbled in that instant, but if you think that all God wants to do now is punish people continually because of it, or turn His face away from us in indifference, then you really have no idea of WHO and WHAT God IS.

If you think He has washed His Hands of us, or has left us to grope around in darkness for Him without extending His hand, then I am at my happiest to say you are wrong, *Smile*, dear Friend.

He expended all His supreme effort to make such an awesome Creation and Plan! He invested all His love in Adam and Eve, the parents of His God-Family, and was prepared to love all the gazillions of people multiplying over the earth and other planets (yes, exactly)! Wouldn’t He go to even greater lengths to recover us, the members of His race, so this Plan can continue?

God continues to be involved in our lives, because His Plan B is very much in place, a Plan B that shows the extent of His Love for you and me.

Because if we had a need, so did God. If we had a problem, so did He. And what He set into motion effectively met our every need, and solved what we can call the Biggest Problem in the World.



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This series of snippets will discuss our Salvation from God’s point of view. They are still being written, please return soon to read this series.