S7 Before the Fall

S7 Before the Fall

It is hard to imagine a perfect world and a perfect human race. What we know today is certainly perplexing, with snatches of joy and happiness at best, terrifying and hateful at its worse. But believe it or not,  the whole of Creation and Man before the Fall in the Garden of Eden was indescribably perfect.

The Universe

Spiral Galaxy Milky Way , 3D render

Spiral Galaxy Milky Way

In the Book of Job verses 38:4-38, God reveals a portion of the process with which He made Creation, a totally awesome Creation, that when it was finished —

Job 38:7 ‘…the morning stars sang together and all the sons of God shouted for joy…’

If I had favorite verses in the whole Bible, this would be one of them. I love this verse. In it, the English phrase ‘shouted for joy’ is what the stars and angels did when they saw the perfection of Creation. But ‘shout for joy’ is, I think, an inadequate description of the act. The Hebrew word ‘ruwa’ carries with it the full definition as (my words) ‘a gigantic angelic shout such as a resounding noise like a very long and very mighty thunder, loud enough to split eardrums.’

And it is also interesting to note the words ‘morning stars’. Do stars sing or shout for joy?  Is this just a poetic translation or can we take God’s word literally in this case? I believe it is literal.

In the 6th Century BC, a Greek philosopher and mathematician may actually have found ‘scientific’ proof of this phenomenon. Read here about Musica Universalis or Music of the Spheres a scientific theory long ago proposed by Pythagoras, whose indepth research into mathematical relationships led him to propose that the universe emitted music not perceptible to our human ears.

So if you think you can imagine the stars singing, imagine them joining the angels ‘shouting for joy’.

I don’t think the great angelic host ever cheers resoundingly when they look down at the world now. No way. But in case I have made you feel very bad about our world as it is today, I do apologise, but don’t feel too bad – in Revelation 21:1, after this current age (this age when He gives everyone unnumerable opportunities to know Christ), He will re-create Creation:

Revelation 21:1 Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away,…

Man (Man and Woman)

And what about Man? Before the Fall, —

adam sculpture1) Man was sinless and a superior being.  He was infused with God’s nature, so all the good, all the wisdom and character that was in God was in Man. And because God had no sin, no evil in Him, none of these existed in Man. It has to be noted that Man’s human life did NOT AS YET include the Life of God, the God-Life that is divine, eternal and indestructible.

Our first parents were also magnificent and superior beings. So different were they to us that they may as well have been a different race. I don’t think that we will ever have a complete comprehension of Adam and Eve’s superiority if we try to picture them using our own selves as a basis.

In my opinion, God shared a large amount of knowledge and wisdom with Adam and Eve, He might even have given them a 100% functioning brain (or if not 100% then certainly much higher than our 3%), they ate superior food from the Garden, they were of optimum health and fitness, and with powers of spirit so pure, vigorous and uncorrupted.  In other words, dear friend, they easily performed such physical and mental feats of considerable capabilities, reached a totally satisfying spiritual relationship with God, all of which are no longer seen and experienced today.

2) Man was God’s supreme Representative on Earth

Genesis 1:28 And God blessed them; and God said to them, Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it, and have dominion over …

Two words are important here: subdue and dominion —

Subdue here has a negative connotation that implies that the conflict that already existed between God and Satan was already being played out on the earth.

Adam And Eve By Wenzel Peter

“Adam and Eve in the Earth paradise” by Wenzel Peter XIX century. Held in Vatican museums.

Dominion is a positive word. It means that Adam and Eve had has supreme governing power or control whose objective is the highest welfare of their subjects.  Man was to be God’s representative of God and king over God’s creation. God gave Man these roles to fulfill and the authority and means (His nature and characteristics) to carry them out. And because at this point Man did not know evil, it was going to be a good and perfect world. He would have been the best ruler this world would ever see.

3) Man lived in the presence of God. This verse describes a situation after the Fall, but it shows that Adam and Eve indeed walked and talked with God in the Garden.

Genesis 3:8 And they heard the sound of Jehovah God walking about in the garden in the cool of the day…

4) Man was on the way to gaining eternal life (this is the reason why God wanted him to eat of the Tree of Life) –  See here for more info

Already, God had made Man with all the virtues and character of Himself. This included all His capabilities to do endless marvels, beauty and good, create good governments and societies (for all the people who would multiply) over all the earth and beyond, work perfectly in tune with nature and the sciences, with 100% of his brain in full use, and was already living with God in a perfect spiritual relationship, and a perfect way of life.

This Tree of Life, would have made Man an eternal being, a God-Man in a perfect state — to forever be One with God.

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