Hi, I am a student of the Bible. I read and study a Study Version of the Christian Bible published by a group in Anaheim, California and printed in Great Britain at the University Press, Cambridge.

The text in this Bible has been painstakingly translated from the original language by the Publishers and checked and re-checked countless of times, a measure of how strict requirements the Cambridge University Press imposes on their publishers.

The Study Aids in this Bible version include:

1. A study outline before each book
2. A commentary in the form of footnotes
3. Marginal cross references
4. Maps
5. Charts

Their extensive explanations of biblical passages have enabled me, a non-biblical scholar, to understand the Living Word, to grow the Living God within me, and to desire to write this blog with a passion I am only too happy to convey.

This Bible version has been translated into Chinese, French, German, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Tagalog.

I also meet with many people who continually study the Word of God to understand the true purpose of Life. It is these people who have formed the thoughts and words of this blog, and I credit them all for my understanding.

If you like what you read here, you are welcome to return.

If you have a question about some verses in the Bible, send them also to this email, and I will attempt to answer if I can, with the help of┬ásome people who are more of an expert than I am. If I cannot answer them, I will also tell you that I can’t.

Thanks for dropping by.

Contact me: seeking@seekyefirst.info